Artist Statement

My career as a visual artist started in the mid 90s. During my first years as a student at the Instituto Superior de Diseño (ISDI) in Havana, illustration and poster design captivated all my attention and creative energy.

Surrealism masters and Cuban painters have had a strong influence in the
development of my style and the way I conceive and formulate an idea or a narrative line. I always searched for the support or the reference of a story, a myth or a poem, as a compass to start the creative journey. 

Each series or creative period responds to the same conceptual logic an illustrator
would use in an editorial project. During the process of research and
conceptualization, new meanings and images would emerge, and new projects and series will come to life.

The way I determine and use the colours is strongly related to the way light and colours are manifested in the tropics. I often use primary colours, searching
from time to time the over-saturation and vivid contrasts, as well as an ambience
that would relate to a dream or a past experience.

The imperceptible worlds have always been a fascination and a source of infinite
curiosity to me. My art is the result of interpretations of those narratives that tell the story of men’s journey beyond this reality, such as Dante’s Inferno and The Bardo Thodol (Tibetan Book of the Dead), as well as the myths and beliefs from my homeland: the “Santería,” which is a syncretism of Catholicism and the African religions brought to the Caribbean more than 400 years ago.